Automotive cables


In extremely wide sales program we offer you steel wire ropes and cables for all kinds of vehicles, cars, construction machinery, cables reception and transmission of goods, cable for trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, ropes for sport equipment and cables for indoor and outdoor which in combination with stainless steal becomes a product of inox fences.

Steel ropes and accessories
Steel ropes and accessories
Steel ropes and accessories
Steel ropes and accessories
Steel ropes and accessories
Steel ropes and accessories
Steel ropes and accessories
  • galvanized clamp DIN 741 / fi 3-50
  • stainless steel clamps AISI 316 / fi 2-22
  • tensile galvanized screws DIN 1480 / M5-M34
  • stainless steel clamping screws AISI 316 / M5-M16
  • galvanized core DIN 6899 / fi 2-40
  • stainless steel AISI 316 core / fi 2-20
  • galvanized shackles DIN 82101 / 0.1 to 63 t
  • stainless steel shackles AISI 316 / 0.2-10 t
  • galvanized hooks DIN 5299 / fi 4-15
  • stainless steel hooks AISI 316 / fi 5-13
  • tensioners for securing cargo capacity 2.5-6 t
  • hook wire rope
  • fittings for chain capacity 2-8 t
  • suspension rings DIN 5688 capacity from 1.5 to 31.5 t
  • forestry log chokers
  • couplings of all sizes
  • hooks for chains

We manufacture all kinds of cables for motor vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, trains, trams, bicycles, other trailers.

  • cable transmission speed
  • handbrake wire
  • cable front and rear brakes
  • cable clutch
  • cable gas
  • ignition cable
  • cable speedometer and tachograph
  • cable choke
  • cable to open the bonnet, windows, doors and tailgate
  • cables for tractors
  • cables for fire engine
  • cables for ventilation, heating and cooling
  • cables lift seat
  • cable for towing vehicles
  • customs ropes
  • cables for engine control for all types of outboard, embedded and hybrid drives
  • cable steering wheel for all types of outboard, embedded and hybrid drives
  • cables for jet-ski
  • cable tow water skis
  • cables for masts
  • cable for sails
  • cables fence vessels
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 leg rope sling
  • steel wire ropes for acceptance and transferring cargo
  • polyester sling
  • chain sling
  • Foot throttle cables
  • Hand throttle cables
  • Carburetor cables
  • Speedometer cables
  • Clutch cables
  • Ignition cables
  • Fire engine cables
  • Winch lifting and pulling cables

We produce all kinds of pvc, steel and stainless steel cables fitness devices according to sample or drawing for the gym, sports equipment, theft protection for restourants, bicycles.

  • cables for steppers
  • cables for the food processor reconciliation
  • cables for volleyball nets and tennis
  • cables hanging wardrobe
  • cable binding of tables and chairs
  • the need for food service
  • cables for hunting game
  • cables for vineyards

Stainless steal as a material is special because of its resistance to a weather conditions, high temperature, corrosion and is very easy to maintain with it provides an attractive appearance. Cables in combination with stainless steel are a perfect blend of materials and provide excellent results both in durability and stability as well as visual design.

With stylish and elegant design features stainless steel and high strength, inox is a perfect material for railings, stairs, porches, terraces, attic galleries or interior or exterior handrails.

We provide several different systems in making stainless steel fence.We belive that every design challange provides us an opportunity to work with their creative ideas we can meet our customer′s wishes.